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Hijacking Your Filter Bubble

August 12, 2011

Search engines are not encyclopedias. They are not reference desks at libraries. They don’t give you the right answer.  They give you an answer. And the answer they give you is not the same answer they give me. The same query produces different results for different people, intentionally. Companies from Google to Facebook to AOL […]

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Peeking Under Marilyn Monroe’s Skirt

July 27, 2011

There’s a big, new peep show open in Chicago that has a lot of cameras pointing up. Not toward our iconic architecture – but to underwear in the sky. It’s a 26 foot Marilyn – right there on Michigan Avenue – and it has given the tottlin’ town’s legendary sportscaster and neighboring statue, Jack Brickhouse, a […]

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Eclipse of the City of the Sun

July 18, 2011

In southern Illinois, just East of St. Louis, you can walk on and among the remains of a great prehistoric civilization. Built a thousand years ago, it was once the largest city in North America – as big or bigger than Paris or London at the time. Between 15,000 and 40,000 lived here. Too big […]

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You As Celebrity: Influencing the Influencers

July 7, 2011

How important are you? Not in your own mind.  But in other people’s. Do they seek your opinion?  Do they value it?  Do they act on your suggestions? Do you play the social media game? Are you good at it? In yet another attempt to assign a monetizable attribute to everyone and everything they do, […]

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Emoticons: Laugh Tracking the Internet

June 29, 2011

There were artifacts of TV up for auction this past weekend. Dinosaurs from a couple of decades ago. I wanted to buy one in particular so I could use it when my family didn’t find my old jokes funny anymore. It was – a laugh track machine. Critical to the widespread adoption of the television genre known […]

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Hacking Your Heart

June 23, 2011

If they can hack your home computer, your mobile phone, apps, your store, your social networks, your bank account, your gaming system, your medical records, your school records, the government and its records, and pretty much anything anyone sets their mind to – isn’t it is only a matter of time until someone finds a […]

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Do or Do Not – There is No Try

June 19, 2011

What works for you might not work for me. I know that. Everyone has to make their own way in this world. It’s often a hard lesson to learn on your own. Teachers you can connect with are extremely rare. And learning never really seems fun in the moment. Because Yoda wasn’t hanging out in […]

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A Very Facebook Birthday

June 11, 2011

My birthday just passed, and many of my friends sent Happy Birthday wishes. On Facebook. And while there is no plugin birthday greetings analytics tool I can point and click on… I used a bit of addition and division and elementary statistics to determine – slightly more than 88% percent of my birthday greetings came […]

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Doing Is The New Seeing

May 29, 2011

The weather in the Midwest this Memorial Day Weekend has been so thunderously stormy and rainy, I have not been in the mood for any kind of strollin’ in the park. No high school baseball today. No picnics. No nuthin’ outside. But not being able to walk outside did make me think of a short […]

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