Undiscovered, Uncontacted, or Just Plain Alone?

December 10, 2010

Today, there are scores of indigenous groups of people, mostly in Indonesia, Brazil and Peru, who either have not been discovered by what is commonly known as civilization, or choose to keep their status as – opted out.

We bump into them as we drive further into their into their forests, looking for resources to exploit.

Below is a report from Al Jazeera English, which, by-the-way, claims to be the most watched news source on You Tube, about an indigenous group recently found in a country we call Brazil or Peru or the dense jungle between these two nations.

And while it sounds as though the culture clash described in this TV report could form the basis of a phenomenal 3D movie, even, perhaps the highest grossing film of all time, it is not a futuristic fantasy in space.  It  is real, it is today, and it is happening on our earth.

I mention this because you would think with EcoTourism, Google Earth, the CIA, evangelists, and petroleum, mining or logging interests actively seeking to experience, interact with or lay claim to all they can, our earth’s land and all its people would have been discovered, categorized and neatly tucked in something “productive,” like a huge marketing data base, by now.

But they haven’t. There are some populations, human and otherwise, we simply don’t know about.

And there are others who won’t check the opt-in box on the sign up. In fact when we get close enough to deliver our proposition, they point their bows and arrows at us.

And that bugs me. Why on earth would these guys want to stay all Luddite?

Wouldn’t they want to have the benefit of a hand-held GPS to help them do their geocaching thing. Or use a mobile phone to watch the NFL when they are out in the woods.

Why on earth, indeed.

The prouder, more technologically advanced among us have been reaching into the heavens for years, trying to flag down passing aliens. Unlike the isolated undiscovered here on earth who are doing all they can to stay undiscovered, and isolated – we hate that we haven’t yet been officially contacted. So we use our current technologies and initiate some intergalactic  advertising by beaming out radio signals and sending flyers.

Check out this plaque – one of two sent by the US on a couple of satellites – the space probes, Pioneer 10 and 11 launched in the 1970’s to break free of our solar system and  travel outwards,with a message attached designed to give clues on where to find us and on what planet. Talk about geocaching! By the way, even though we can no longer communicate with it, Pioneer 11 is expected to pass by Sagittarius in about 4 million years. Hope springs eternal!

Hey – call me a skeptic, but why would we expect anyone or anything to understand this? And what exactly were we selling with this ad? Would this make me want to visit? Where are the palm trees and the beaches?

Maybe someone or something will react to our invitation or “call to action.”  As of a few weeks ago, there is a bit more hope. Seems there are a couple more zip codes we didn’t know about out there when we started advertising 30 years ago . Astronomers recently upped the number of stars in the heavens three-fold from 100 sextillion to 300 sextillion. As in 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

And that is just the estimated number of stars… figure many (most?) of those stars have planets circling them (like our sun and its eight or nine planetoid children).

Also last week, the world of biology got turned upside down because someone found life forms right here on earth that have learned how to live by eating poison, as in arsenic. Scientists previously thought that was impossible. With different basic building blocks in their system, like arsenic, instead of phosphorus, these critters might grow up to be really weird!

OK – three times the previously estimated number of stars (and significantly more numbers of planets). Life forms flourishing without needing the nutritional building blocks and elements we thought necessary for life.

It doesn’t take a statistician to figure out that the odds have just tilted a bit more in favor of  ET or his cousin existing  somewhere in the great beyond.

But, if we really, really want them to discover us – I have a 5 step plan.

  1. Don’t give up on broadcast media – those big wattage signals are pumped out all over the world  with the side benefit being that they slowly seep out into the heavens. And the constant and varied source of content might have some morsel that would be appealing to these arsenic slurping critters.
  2. Advertise our earth as being a really great neighborhood… you know, like Beverly Hills – Adjacent… convenient to shopping and with great schools, etc.
  3. Mention frequently that many of our resources are ripe for exploitation.
  4. Develop some cultural quirks that would make for a great exhibit in an intergalactic museum.
  5. Use all kind of social media, as these critters might already be living amongst us but have started liking Slushies and Monday Night Football so much they forgot to phone home.

Following these simple rules should help attract some intergalactic notice. It might take a couple more sextillion eons, but… ya gotta start somewhere.

Until then, we Earthlings will live Undiscovered, Uncontacted, and Just Plain Alone, in the great beyond too.

Or will we?


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