Stream of Consciousness

September 28, 2010

When the stream of media forming our consciousness is indistinguishable from the stream of consciousness forming our most enlightened media we will have arrived at a distinctly new place in human evolution.

Thanks to some very smart people, I can be  “streaming” 24/7 (in this case receiving and doing – viewsing – as opposed to my day job of creating and distributing) content in a form that is most convenient for me. I can consume programs serially or in as many simultaneous multiple streams as my pocketbook and noggin allow.  I can literally alter my consciousness to reflect the reality I choose by “immersing” myself in these streams, interactions and technologies. I can control the rate and type of inputs. I can literally stream my own consciousness. And friends, this phenomenon is only going to get more “real.”

People, such as Timothy Leary (as seen in the above picture with me  (l) and my cameraman, Andy Weintraub (r),  taken in LA when we were doing a TV mini-series for KCAL-TV News on “Virtual Reality” in the 90’s) were always experimenting with altering human perceptions of reality.  I think they were trying to tap into a larger consciousness, as “streaming” on the internet was not yet technologically possible. They were channeling, or streaming this “cosmic consciousness” – through meditation and/or drugs. And since drugs were illegal, tended to wear off and usually left you in a worse place, Leary was working on a computer program to alter reality legally.

Since the dawn of time, the bodies and minds of our great artists have been vehicles for “divine inspiration” or “channels” for the intelligence and just-so, fickle juxtapositions  of something bigger than the artist’s local garret, hovel, zip code or patron’s agenda.

Will we ever lose the difference to differentiate the qualitative difference between the stream that has been originating in the divine since the beginning of time, and the stream we program as our 24/7 inputs via our media devices?

Pity the fool that is really looking to make that “evolutionary leap.”


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