San Francisco Ballet

January 28, 2011

A street ballet in San Francisco,  with musical accompaniment  by the orchestra.

The ballet runs every night.

No tickets required.

No two shows are exactly the same.

The dance is obviously not spontaneous.  It has been practiced numerous times… probably with other partners. Notice the synchronicity of the movement.

Not a word is exchanged between dancers.  Each knows their part. They are professionals… paid for by the public entity that operates the cable cars. They will appear summer, spring winter or fall, for regular performances according to a set schedule.

The musicians are probably more of an ad hoc group, though I don’t know that with certainty. While they may have played together in the past, they may not have had that opportunity prior to tonight.  However, it is clear they both have been street musicians long enough to know the rules.  Play loud, and repeat. Leave an open music case.  Seed it with some coin.

The Meet-up happens without the assistance of Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter. It is purely about the vibe of the participant as it is exuded by the participant and interacted with by other participants.

The fabric of our great cities is made up of thousands of these interactions… a street occurrence leveraging another street occurrence.

And what greater performance venue is there than with those around you, here and now.


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