Fear the Beard

April 23, 2011

During playoffs – which is now for professional hockey and basketball, beards are all the rage. They are supposed to instill fear in opponents – kind of like bagpipes, I guess.

Or maybe the players feel it is just unlucky to shave?

Regardless the reason – tis the season to induce pogonophobia – Fear of Beards.

America last learned to Fear the Beard in the World Series. The San Francisco Giants’ closer (a specific type of pitcher, brought in to shut down the opponents in the last inning or two) Brian Wilson (a certified Ninja, by the way) and his hairy face were a big part of the championship effort.

Wilson’s beard is so popular, it has its own page on Facebook.

I believe the trend in playoff facial hair started in hockey.

Beards don’t always look as fearsome as you might expect. Check a couple of the Blackhawk’s in the last Stanley Cup series:

Now the beard thing has spread – like a bad virus, to  basketball as well.

The Orlando Magic has decided beards may help them beat the Chicago Bulls this year.

But in Tajikistan, beards are really feared. Banned actually. And that has local Tajiki professional athletes upset.

Turns out one soccer player -Parviz Tursunov, a devout Muslim, was told by his coach he needed to shave, or retire.

The story is Turunov chose retirement.

The police there round up bearded folk under the age of 50, in an attempt to stamp out what they view as religious extremism.

Talk about fearing the beard!


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