Che Lives – in Photos

May 4, 2011

In the 1960’s, the most notorious anti-American agitator (he would be called a terrorist, these days) was an Argentine guerrilla leader whose vocation was sowing the seeds of revolution among the countries of Central and South America.

Ernesto “Che” Guevara was such a perceived threat to the USA that the CIA helped the Bolivian military track him and kill him.  And then released scores of photos of his demise, including the one above.

And “Che Lives” became the rallying cry for revolutionaries around the world.

Now Che is more remembered for adorning millions of tee shirts and ironically becoming a symbolic part of the very same consumer culture he despised.

But back in the day, he evolved into an international legend and inspiration for those who were doing their best to undermine the American way. His grave is a shrine in Cuba.

Which leads me to the reason the Obama administration should NOT release any photographs of Osama Bin Laden.

We understand in the crush of war – and frequently at other times – the government lies (either knowingly or unknowingly)  and acts as if the lies are truth, until they are both are indistinguishable.

In the killing of OBL, a fabricated time-line has been released. It has been modified. It will be modified again.  And why does that matter to anyone? Citizens in every country, everywhere are accustomed to “Truths of Convenience.”

Remember, George Bush said we had conclusive photographic proof there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and that was our excuse for a war from which we still have not been able to extricate ourselves, even after ruining our economy by dumping trillions of dollars down that toilet and ruining thousands of lives at home and abroad. The photos were wrong. Bush was wrong. Our intelligence community was wrong. But none of that mattered.  We still went to war.

And during that war the story of the death of Pat Tillman, the NFL football hero and enlistee, actually killed by friendly fire – was spun for the American people so he was made into a pretend hero and awarded medals and accolades by his military superiors even though they knew the real story. America needed a hero to distract us, and we had one in Pat.

Leaders since the beginning of time know that disappearing your enemies is the most effective way of dealing with them. No accounting. No timeline.

No photos of OBL dead should be released – ever.

Photos won’t silence critics and conspiracy theorists.

They will inflame passions around the world.

If OBL is alive, he will surface and embarrass the apparatus of the US Government who maintain he is dead.

And, by the way, what is with American media publishing photos of OBL on the front pages of all of our media that look like Public Relations photos – what about using freeze frames of videos where he denounces the US, and looks like the villain and murderer he was.


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Harold Davis June 11, 2011

I can’t resist adding some links to my photos of contemporary Che iconography taken during my 2009 visit to Cuba: 50 Years after the Revolution (scroll to the bottom of the story); Wire Sculpture. Amazing how much mileage the regime has gotten from this cult of personality considering that they were probably collaborative in his death!

Tim June 15, 2011

I always laugh when I see the poser kids in L.A. wearing Ceh Ts. The younger generation is so illiterate when it comes to history, it is doubtful they know who he was. Cubans I know subscribe to the theory that he was actually killed by his competitor in chief, Castro. Others remind us that Che liked to personally execute people with a bullet to the head. He was not anyone the politically correct liberal youth of America would like to be associated with, yet they think it is hip to banner themselves with a romanticized picture. How about a picture of Washinton, Franklin, Lincoln, or even Tesla, kids!? Oh no, that would be far too conformist and pro-establishment.
As to the release of pics of a bullet ridden OBL, I totally agree. Nothing good can come of it. But if I were the prez, I would have had his head frozen and kept in the White House basement for showing to any Middle Eastern leaders who are nonbelievers. I doubt they would be offended by it; they’d probably be lighting cigars and knockin down a few cocktails.

Tim June 15, 2011

…And speaking of which, what’s with a Chinese restaurant in Hollywood and Venice (Calif.) named “Mao’s Kitchen”?? Talk about exalting dictators….He murdered more Chinese than Hitler did Jews. (over 20 million by common estimates) Is this a kind of racism that shows peoples’ view that there are so many Chinese that killing millions is OK, or is it just plain ignorance to what the Revolution and Cultural Revolution perpetrated? It is hard to imagine anyone starting a bakery called “Adolf’s Oven”!!!

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