Hump Day

June 14, 2011

Yesterday, for the first time in almost 30 years — I bought a pack of cigarettes.

Before those who know me choke on their bean sprouts… I still don’t smoke.  There are plenty of other things I do that could kill me.  But smoking just isn’t one of them.

What prompted me to make this purchase was… the promise provided by the packaging. Look at this beauty.

Hump Day! What a glorious day!

On any level of consciousness – pre-consciousness, sub-consciousness, suspended consciousness, lack of consciousness or post consciousness, as a red blooded American male, I am all for Hump Day.

Especially at a dollar off.

Looks like RJReynolds is yoinking Hump Day to try to breath new life into an old brand.  The caravan is on the move once again. Camels are morphing from a blend of Turkish tobacco that people would walk a mile for, to the king of cool, Joe Camel to Hump Day.

Speaking of lives – cigarettes still kill people – don’t they?

Nowhere on the package are we reminded how unbearably hot and dry the desert – the place where camels live – is this time of year.  Nor are we reminded what is going on at this very moment in the land of the camel – what we are doing to them over in North Africa and the Middle East – and they are doing to us.

Instead we are served up the twin pleasures of sex and the beginning of the end of the work week.


So what does the marketing of cigarettes teach us about marketing less toxic brands.

Such as yourself.

The Brand Called You constantly needs to be energized and morphed. Changed, promoted, researched, worked on, attended to. Since viewsers consume as well as make, they need to constantly change it up. What they take in, and what they put out.

Lots of reasons for that. For one the environment is constantly changing. So even if you don’t change, the world sees you differently. That means if you stay the same while others have moved on – well, the old magic just might not work any more.

Our society allows – actually rewards everyone and every company that re-evaluates, re-jiggers, re-configures, or just plain re-invents itself. Constantly.

You gotta have courage and do the work. Get the caravan moving.

What you put attention to will grow.

Seize the Hump Day!


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