Fathers Know Best

January 31, 2012

Whenever I get to the City of Brotherly Love I try to spend time communing with some of the enduring symbols of our Republic.

No, I am not talking about the cheese steaks at Pat’s – though both my son and I did partake and much to my extreme pleasure, neither of us required an emergency angioplasty and a stent on the side, even after a couple a steaks wit’.

I am talking about Independence Hall, where the Father of our Country – George Washington – sat on a tall chair – in the front of the room, and presided over a contentious debate on the future of our country during the Constitutional Convention.

I am talking about standing next to the actual bell that sounded when Americans claimed their Independence.

I find it uplifting to experience these symbols first hand. To be reminded that once upon a time, politicians could discuss and compromise instead of – well, whatever it is that they do now.

I am writing this on the day Floridians are voting in their Republican Primary.

The leading candidate, who once supported healthcare for all and a woman’s right to choose when it was politically expedient but has since abandoned those positions because his new constituency doesn’t favor them – is up against a challenger who has been married three times, after cheating on his first two wives and leaving them both when they were sick, as well as being forced to resign from the United States House of Representatives for a variety of reasons, including ethics violations.

The only way either candidates move up in the polls is when they attack each other. Or better yet, when their TV commercials attack each other. And thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court which recently deregulated contributions and spending limitations for the Super PACs, there is an unlimited amount of cash available for attack ads.

What with all the commercials from the Super PACs playing on TV last week, it must have been hell to try to watch an Orlando Magic basketball game down there.

The situation was made even more ridiculous when comedian Stephen Colbert got into the act. Papers filed by his Super PAC show he has raised almost one million dollars to fund whatever his joke writers want him to say. He too, is running TV commercials.  Of course, that million bucks is a pittance compared to Mitt’s 30 million dollars or Newt’s 13 million raised (s0 far).

By the way Colbert’s biggest corporate donors are a Rolling Stones tribute band ($400) – and a tutoring company ($325). I wonder what influence they are buying.

Just wait until the general election and we are reminded over and over again that our foreign born, Muslim, Commander-in-Chief is inciting class warfare and trying to destroy America’s moral fiber.

No wonder the Liberty Bell is cracked.


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