Let ‘Em Eat Air

February 15, 2012

I like to read PSFK because they track the wackiest stuff.  And sometimes the juxtapositions on their feed are so bizarrely related as to seem intentional.

Take these two I saw today.

The first post that caught my eye was entitled: Edible Helium Balloons Are The Latest Delicacy – about a dessert apparently offered by Chicago’s hautest/playfulest restaurant – Alinea.

What a fun way to celebrate a birthday and sound like a Munchkin at the same time.

A little later a post came across entitled: What I Learned From My Week Of Photographing My Diet , in which the correspondent tweeted photos of all he consumed and the app’s followers passed judgement on the relative healthfulness of his consumption.

Breatharians – folks who believe that humans can thrive on a diet of the energy in sunlight or the Prana all around us rather than actual food – might want to tweet the helium balloon to see if their crowd rank it high or low on the health scale.

For my taste, the desert feels as though it should go in same category as a Wish Sandwich.


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