The Transistor Radio Is Back!

November 8, 2012

The transistor radio is back. At least for me. At least for now.

OK – it isn’t really a radio. It’s a phone. That I don’t use very much for calls.

And it costs $599 dollars (less, really, because I signed up for yet another 2 year agreement) instead of the $12.99 my first radio cost way back when.

And it doesn’t run on 9 Volt batteries. It uses rechargeables.

And I can get stuff other than Cousin Brucie or the WMCA Good Guys. Hell I can even get radio live from all over the world.

Granted its speaker is the size of a dime, instead of a small pancake like this beauty.

But today, when my car radio died, and I needed some tunes and information, I decided to grab radio off the air through my phone and stream it on my drive into work.  No Bluetooth. No external car speakers. No headphones. Not even a single earpiece directly into my ear.

Just an old fashioned transistor radio style station receiver – playing tunes I could hold in my hand.

What’s next?

A pocket timepiece instead of a wristwatch?



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