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November 9, 2010

Seems a missile may have gotten itself launched last night just off the coast of America’s second largest city.

And apparently the military didn’t notice when it happened.  In fact it is still investigating, 24 hours later, whether it actually did happen.


The guys who say they can track and shoot down in an instant a tin can carrying a nuclear bomb hurtling at supersonic speed toward our homeland in enough time to spare me the discomfort of having to duck and cover … have no knowledge of this event?

Apparently, they didn’t see it. They didn’t track it.  And they don’t know about it.

Maybe it didn’t happen? Or there is a good natural phenomena theory. Jet contrails are the current possibility.  An optical illusion coupled with a camera angle that is just so… and voila… something that looks like a, well, a missile.

Fortunately a news crew from a semi credible news source, KCBS TV – LA captured the video.

So no one can say it is a trumped up video from a bunch of  ne’er-do-wells  (full disclosure – I worked for KCAL, now part of the KCBS news organization, for many years – and knowing those folks it might very well have been ne’er-do-wells)!

OK. Enough screwing around.  We are talking potentially about a missile launched within a stone’s throw of tens of millions of people. And still, 24 hours later, no one can say what it is or where it came from?

Let me offer some of my own potential explanations.

Maybe it is a hands-on experiment conducted by school kids at the California Science Center.

Maybe they were taping an episode of Mythbusters and something went terribly wrong, or right?

Or maybe hippies were levitating bales of marijuana into space because pot didn’t get legalized last week and they needed to do something to celebrate Governor Moonbeam’s re-election.

But Really.

Isn’t it disconcerting when the agencies that are supposed to at least see this stuff… didn’t even see this stuff.

Maybe we should drag Jack Bauer out of retirement – he can usually figure this shit out inside of 43 minutes on his now canceled TV show.

Or maybe we should ask the Saudi’s. After all, they were the ones who told us what to look for and where – so that authorities could find the ink cartridge bombs bound for targets in Chicago.

Why did it take almost 24 hours for our Department of Defense to check around before they issued a preliminary report to say they THINK it was no missile -it was a jet contrail? And, by the way, they are STILL investigating!

If we can’t track (or even notice) or even verify what is or is not a missile, flying in plain view of millions of people – how can we we hope to track and prevent  wholesale cyber theft and disruptions committed by determined individuals or governments deep within cyberspace?


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