My Fingers Are Way Too Big

November 11, 2010

Michael Jordan’s iconic wingspan photo towers over Times Square in NYC, altered to show him grasping a PlayStation game controller with the aspirational directive – Become The Greatest.

What is so audacious about this advertising strategy is not associating the greatest basketball player of all time with a video game he stars in.

It is the clever implication that Jordan was the greatest at gaming, too.

Have I played it? Yeah, I messed around with it. Am I good at it? No. My fingers are way too big to try to play one of these things,” Jordan said in a recent interview.

Guess if you play the game he is selling, you really don’t want to Be Like Mike. Mike can’t play it worth a damn.

I understand that gaming simulation is getting better and better.  And maybe one day we will watch avatars compete on flat screens in sports bars controlled by viewsers possessing the proper genetics and temperament for electronic gaming.

But for now, the greatest is still the guy on the court who always comes through in the clutch – not the viewser controlling an increasingly lifelike simulation.


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