September 24, 2010

Stuff Changes. Always has and always will.

As we live our slow arc into oblivion, which really begins in earnest after reproduction, we can take comfort knowing that even as we are declining we are literally reborn each day – from the cellular level up.

That is the beauty of life. Even in the face of something as life altering as death, it constantly renews. And refreshes.

So it is true with all biological creatures, and with all things that share space on this earth, in its skies and in the waters.

All this newness means constant re-learning, re-contextualizing, re-focusing, and in short re-jiggering the whole enterprise to account for the fact that everything, every day really is new.

Most people don’t see things that way.  Time passes and you suddenly notice you don’t recognize any of the stars in movies, the authors of the books you are reading or the singers on radio.

And your story telling technique, your messaging, your channels – all constantly need to change and evolve to make sure your point is received.  And perhaps more importantly, still received as intended.

Lookie here…

This is my old personalized license plate – I loved it.  It had my name, it had some kind of red pigeon on it sanctifying my love of nature and the environment – I thought it was a bit of class on my ten year old Toyota.

Then what happened?  Stuff changed.  My state DMV decided to change the plate design – and the new design for the environmental license plates shrunk the “E.”  Yikes, all of a sudden I didn’t know what the heck was I saying to the world?

Time for a new message!

Stories, messages, communications need to be retold differently for each audience, in each time, unless you are communicating with that rare bird – that creature who actually will take the TIME to try to “get into” the context of the time in which the work was created…



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